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Apple has removed the products from Withings list of recommended HomeKit accessory after the start of litigation with Nokia

Apple was excluded from the list of its partners-manufacturers of devices “smart home” HomeKit, the company Withings on the background of the litigation with Nokia. Bought the last manufacturer of “smart” technology in April 2016. “Smart” scales, device for measuring pressure and other products under this brand no longer appear in the list of devices recommended for the creation of smart homes.

As found by the users, in the range of HomeKit accessory is no longer “smart” camera Withings Home Plus. Now Apple offers to buy only camera D-Link Omna 180 and Kidde RemoteLync.

Earlier, the Withings products disappeared from Apple store in USA, UK and several other countries. The Russian branch of the online Apple store also no gadget Withings. Subsequently, the products of Nokia has disappeared from the shelves of the official retailers of Apple.

About Apple’s decision to exclude the products of a competitor, it became known after the beginning of the loud trial with Nokia. The latter has filed lawsuits against Apple giant in 11 countries. The plaintiff accuses Apple of violating patents 40.

The head of Department in charge of patent work Nokia, Ilkka Rahnasto said that the company decided to protect their rights after years of negotiations, during which attempts were made to reach agreement.

Apple in turn has accused the Finnish company in collusion with “patent trolls”. According to the representative of “Apple” giant, Nokia has refused to license their patents on a fair basis, and now they are trying to extort money.

In October 2014, Apple removed from the online store all products of Bose after the national football League has banned athletes use headphones Beats. Then from the shelves of the stores are gone acoustic systems, headphones and other products under this brand.

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