iPhone X started to turn off spontaneously

One of the most important components of the phone is the battery. Without it, nothing will work. Alas, modern lithium-ion cells are imperfect. They have flaws.

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The main disadvantage is gradual degradation. Power supplies wear out over time. This leads to sad consequences. They faced the owners of the iPhone X.

Many fans of the iPhone X have the following. The former flagship simply shuts off – spontaneously. Despite the fact that the battery is not used up completely.

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Complaints appeared on the Reddit website and the official Apple forum. There are many of them, they are similar. When the charge remains about 20% – the gadget is "cut down". Unfortunately, Cupertino ignores the problem.

iPhone X started to turn off spontaneouslyImage from

Apple does not respond to what is happening. Company policy is clear. Buyers have a minimum of one year warranty. The battery is defective – it will be replaced for free. Expired – prepare money.

By the way, self-repair is not recommended. Repair in illegal service comes around. Battery status will no longer appear in iPhone settings. How much he will last – do not know.

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