We are waiting for Huawei Mate X2 in the third quarter of 2020

In early 2019, the Chinese company Huawei made a splash in the market by introducing its first foldable smartphone called the Mate X. Now fans of the brand are wondering when to wait for the second-generation Huawei Mate X to arrive. And we have an answer.

It is expected that next year, Huawei will release two more folding devices – Mate Xs and Mate X2. The Mate Xs will be a slightly upgraded version of the original Mate X with the Kirin 990 5G processor, a more robust display and an improved folding design. Its launch will take place as part of the annual exhibition MWC 2020, which will be held in Barcelona from February 24 to February 27.

As for Huawei Mate X2, a full-fledged heir to the Mate X, its debut is scheduled for the third quarter of next year. It will run on the new Kirin 1000 processor and will most likely be shown at IFA 2020 in September.

In terms of design, the Huawei Mate X2 will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This means that it will be folded by the display inward, not outward, and will receive an additional screen outside to display notifications and take a selfie. Unfolding Huawei Mate X of the second generation will not be in the tablet, like its predecessor, but in a standard smartphone with a widescreen display with a diagonal of 6.5-6.9 inches. It will be more compact than the original Huawei Mate X and easily fit in your pocket.


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