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Switches Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11 introduce users to the error

The Electronic Frontier Foundation claims that the new switches iOS 11 for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which don’t cut them off, mislead and compromise the safety of the users.

With the release of iOS 11 possible switch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the “control Center” has changed. Now pressing the buttons does not disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, but only disconnects the device from all connected accessories.

However, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are still available, like the ability to use:

  • AirPlay;
  • AirDrop;
  • Continuity;
  • Apple Pencil;
  • Apple Watch;
  • Handoff;
  • Mobile access point.

This was not in any earlier versions of iOS, in which Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switched off via the “control Center”.

“In iOS 11 when switching the quick settings to “off”, the phone will disconnect from Wi-Fi networks and some devices, but will stay on to Apple services. The location service will remain active, and other Apple devices (e.g. Apple Watch and Pencil) standing by. Even Apple does not notify users of this. The situation becomes even worse when the settings are turned off, and wifi and Bluetooth will turn on again when you move to a new location. This approach doesn’t leave users the choice and compromises them,” the report says the EFF.

In order to completely disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for all networks and devices need to go into the settings and disable the appropriate switches.

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