What is the difference between a copy of AirPods Pro for $ 95 from the original

Despite the fact that AirPods Pro was introduced at the end of October, the market has already been flooded with various copies and fakes. The authors of the popular English-language portal Apple-themed MacRumors decided to compare one of these copies with the original.

What is the difference between a copy of AirPods Pro for $ 95 from the original

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The journalists got an i500 Pro TWS headphone for $ 95, which, according to their manufacturer, is an exact copy of AirPods Pro, even to the extent that they have the same Apple H1 chip and a plastic case for wireless charging. Indeed, an outwardly simple user is unlikely to be able to distinguish a copy from the original. The only difference is that the copy weighs a little lighter, and the cover of the charging case closes a little differently. I borrowed a fake from the original and several functions, including activation of the voice assistant with the phrase "Hello Siri", quick switching between devices and the function of pausing music playback if one of the headphones is removed from the ear.

But to say that the i500 Pro TWS is an exact copy of AirPods is not worth it. The fake loses the original AirPods Pro in terms of sound quality – it has few bass and a lot of high frequencies, and it does not have a pressure sensor for controlling gestures and active noise reduction, one of the main features of the new Apple headphones.

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