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7 reasons to wait for the release of iOS 11

Fans of Apple are eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 8 and iOS 11. Most likely, a software update will be presented at the WWDC in June 2017 in June. Within a few months the new system will be beta testing and final release in the autumn along with iPhone 7S iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8.

The company does not disclose details about iOS 11. It is expected that the update will bring the following improvements.

1. Group calls to FaceTime

Unlike Skype, proprietary FaceTime video conferencing service still does not support group video calling. With the growing popularity of features, Apple will add it in next major update of iOS.

2. The lack of support for 32-bit architecture

Although the iOS update 10.3.1 back support 32-bit devices, it probably will disappear completely with the release of iOS 11. For the first time a 64 bit processor appeared in the iPhone 5s in 2013, and since then the company switches to a new architecture.

The lack of support for 32-bit applications means that games and apps will become smaller in size and will be more productive. At the same time, according to analysts ‘ estimates Sensor Tower, about 8% of apps are still written for 32 bit. This means that nearly 200,000 programs will not work on Apple devices after the release of iOS 11.

3. Dark UI mode

Last year in the system simulator application “Settings” was discovered dark mode. Since the network does not cease the rumors about his appearance in the next major iOS update. The dark background will allow to reduce eye strain during night time and to reduce power consumption in the iPhone 8, as OLED panels black pixels are not illuminated.

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4. Siri with artificial intelligence

Once Siri was the best virtual assistant, but now he’s significantly behind competitors in the face of Google Assistant, Amazon, Alexa and Samsung Bixby. It is expected that this year Apple will bring a number of significant innovations. Voice assistant will be able to consider the context to understand the commands in free form and work with third-party applications.

According to rumors, Apple will use developments in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence from the company Turi, purchased last year.

5. Support for augmented reality

Apple CEO Tim cook has never hidden his interest in augmented reality. In his opinion, in the future the technology will get as widespread as smartphones.

Last week, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal wrote about the support of augmented reality in iPhone 8. Judging by recent patents, Apple and its partners are developing the necessary sensors and modules. IOS 11 will appear to the software to support augmented reality.

6. Improved maps

Apple is constantly improving the Maps app, but it still lags behind its main competitor Google Maps. According to the Bloomberg report, the company now collects data about changes on the roads and newly built buildings with drones.

In addition, the new version of the app to be improved in car navigation and will display information about the internal layout of the premises.

7. New menu for sharing

Last week Apple released a new app Clips designed for easy installation video. It has one interesting innovation that the company will introduce in iOS 11 on the operating system level.

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We are talking about the bar for sharing content. In Clips Apple developers have simplified the process of sharing content, adding the third row of contacts. On the panel in the application appear user avatars iMessage, which often communicates the owner of the device. In other words, iOS 11 you don’t have to open BBM and look for the users uploaded content will be possible “one tap”.

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