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6 things Apple should fix in iOS 11

Since 2011 Apple every year releases new versions of the operating systems for iPhone and Mac. Unfortunately, this is not always a positive impact on the functionality of the platform and leads to errors and defects.

Now Apple is working on iOS 11. In addition to introducing new functions, there are a few things the developers should fix in the upcoming release.

To improve the 3D Touch

The smartphone displays the iPhone 6s and the Phone 7 support 3D Touch technology that is sensitive to touch. On how hard the user presses on the screen depends on which function will work. But how to determine the correct pressure?

Here is a simple example. To move or delete the application icon on the home screen, you need to clamp it for a few seconds. After that all the icons start to jiggle, and you can manage them. But if you do not calculate the amount of pressure you can start the context menu. As a result, had to repeat many times the attempt, pushing the weaker, longer. This function does “not from Apple” and is criticized by many users.

To move the 3D Touch on all devices

Some features available only on smartphones with 3D Touch support is quite useful. For example, if a strong pressing on the icon in the control center you can adjust the level of brightness of the flashlight or to clear notifications in notification Center. But why not replace the pressing force on a simple press and hold? Thus a 3D Touch could be implemented on all devices, including iPad.

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Handle swipes in the control

IOS 10, the company updated the control panel’s quick settings, which crawls out of the bottom of the screen. Now it is divided into three parts: traditional controls (adjust brightness, switch Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), a music player and management for smart home accessories. Switching between these panels is swipe right or left. Very often during the brightness settings you can accidentally go to the tab of player controls.

Add the ability to clear the play queue

Apple Music, you can put the song and the album to the queue for playback. This is a useful feature, but it would be nice if they could just as easy there to delete.

To deal with switch Genius

In previous versions of iOS was the Genius playlist, which automatically generated a collection of songs in a similar musical styles. IOS 10, this feature has disappeared, but in the settings under “Music” remained a switch that does nothing.

Add default application

IOS lacks the ability to select applications that will be used for certain default actions. For example, if you use the “get directions”, the system triggers a preinstalled Maps application instead of Google Maps. The same problem occurs with the choice of email, calendar and browser.

This is the list of fixes that will make iOS 11 much more convenient for the user. The question in this case is not about adding new features, and bringing to mind the already existing functions.

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