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How to organize a hidden spying on a iPhone user

I guess absolutely everyone has a friend (friend/girlfriend/wife/child – underline), for which you need or just want to trace. Operating system iOS, you can organize secret surveillance of friends, including opportunity alerts, if an object appears in a particular place.

Exercise plan can be using the app “Find my friends” reports MynewsOnline24. It first appeared in the App Store in far 2012. Its main objective is to provide a convenient and easy way of communication between loved ones. The app allows two people to find each other, being in an unknown city, a large building, for example, at the airport, etc. In our case it is possible to change the original functionality of the app and allow surveillance of another person: use “Find friends”, you can easily know where is now your friend (boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/child – underline), and no one knows.

Among the features of the service includes alerts that will come to you in the moment when someone has gone beyond a specific zone. For example, you said your daughter to bypass the tenth road Nightclubs and bars and if she will break your ban, you will find it out immediately.

Step 1: On your device running iOS 8 install from the App Store “Find friends”. In iOS 9 this application is loaded by default.

Step 2: On the other device you need to check Menu –> Settings –> Privacy –> location services and check that the switch is in the On position.

Step 3: Open the app and tap the “I” and turn the slider to “Share my location”. Also check that has been enabled Air Drop. Next you need to confirm your settings and click “Add”.

Step 4: On your device will be shown a message informing you that the device requests access to the testimony of its location, but you should not send its own data.

Step 5: Click on the contact icon on the map, then you can set alerts that will be sent based on the criteria you have specified.

Step 6: the Last and the most important point is the installation of anonymity, so nobody sees that you organized a spy action. We need to hide the app on the device to which we put under surveillance.

To hide the icon “Find my friends” need to do the following:

  • Complete the page with “My friends” on other iOS icons.
  • Hold your finger on the app “My friends” and drag it on the next, completely filled the page, then place it over other apps.
  • Without lifting your finger from the icons, create a folder.
  • To move the icon to the folder and release your finger. Then again, hang onto the icon in the folder and drag to the bottom of the screen.
  • Hold your finger for 1-2 seconds and release.
  • After here such simple manipulations, the icon disappears from the screen of the iPhone. In the case of iOS 9 things easier, because the application is in the system default, thereby diverting all suspicion.

    Yes, and – watch out, but don’t get caught, better yet, trust your family and friends.

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