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5 features of Windows, which is not enough macOS users

Perhaps one of the most discussed topics in the Network, which operating system is more productive and easier to use – Windows or macOS. It is believed that the Mac is less problematic to use and maintain, they are more reliable than their Windows counterparts. However, the Microsoft operating system has features that are not available to users of the macOS. In this article we will focus on the five things with which to cope unable to cope Windows and macOS.

1. Game

On PC you can play any game. The developers of computer games make sense to do releases for Windows only, taking into account the number of devices on this OS on the market. In the interests of the developer to attract so many gamers as possible. The share of Mac market significantly less, so and games on macOS ported much less.

2. Create files “in one click”

Right click mouse anywhere on desktop or Windows Explorer brings up a context menu where you can immediately create a new file or document. On a Mac, so you can only create a folder.

3. Support touchscreen

Since Windows 8 Microsoft seriously undertook the adaptation of the Windows interface for touch screens. As a result, Windows 10 works beautifully on tablets, laptops, and monitors with a touchscreen. Apple still has not provided the Mac with a touch screen, and, apparently, in the near future and is not going.

4. Streaming games from Xbox One

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has added the possibility of streaming Xbox games to PC. In addition, it is possible to play in multiplayer mode on different platforms at the same time.

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5. Upgrade

In the case of Windows-based PC you can change almost any component of the device is to increase the amount of RAM, easy to upgrade the video card or hard drive. Unfortunately, Apple restricts the ability to upgrade components Mac. Besides, to assemble a Mac by yourself will not work, unless, of course, we are not talking about Hackintosh, but to build my own gaming PCs for more or less affordable price.

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