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Why sue Apple is the right decision

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) initiated a new case against the representative of Apple in Russia, accusing Apple of abusing market position iPhone repair. The complaint was filed by the citizen Dmitry Petrov, who accused the manufacturer that in Russia the iPhone refuse to repair without the permission of Apple, which itself is not supplying spare parts to replace broken screens.

If the investigation confirms the validity of the charges, the head of Apple faces a fine of from 15 to 20 thousand rubles., and the Corporation — from 300 thousand to 1 million rubles In the publication Life supported the initiative Petrov, believing that such lawsuits can change the attitude of the manufacturer to the Russian market.


I have always been irritated by such claims. Well, it would seem, people work, do business. And the progress is obvious: Apple has the online store in Russia, new items come to us not through “serovatov” like 5-7 years ago, and a six-month delay, and in a matter of days and completely legal: services and other nishtyak. And then gets some kind of another “the smart one” and begins a scandalous trial with uncertain prospects for the private brand problem.

Just because that’s how it is. When you come to the West and see the company licking its clients, tempted us to have to be the same. Here bought some trifle or, conversely, something expensive on Zappos or Amazon, and it somehow never comes. Whether when sending mess, whether mail is messed up, or at customs, something went wrong. And here you write them there, across the ocean, and you answered, not silence or a deaf roar of heavy, and apologized. And offer to return the money immediately or send another instance of the purchase.

And you think: that is because people are emotional, not that these our. Bonehead.

That’s just people all the same.

Americans just love to go to court. Rather, like lawyers, and lawyers there are many, and they all need work. But in this case it doesn’t matter. Go Americans in the courts for decades. And sue: McDonald’s coffee Cup suddenly a hot, the door glass, nose broken, iPhone broken — warned that the glass is fragile. For a package missing somewhere lost, but bought it in store and the delivery method chosen from the proposed store, so whose fault is that? Of course, shop.

And company at some point decided that it is easier (and cheaper) in such cases, to meet the plaintiffs. And to change the system, creating the most favored. Customer focus shaping. Probably, among the Complainants there are scams, surely there is. But even with the damage, still cheaper. And the most zealous of crooks going to jail, because the States — the country of lawyers.

And now Zappos will duplicate the package, or return the money, McDonalds paste the sticker warning about hot coffee within the Cup, the glass doors appear stickers that help us to see the obstacle.

Of course, this system is more complex. The online stores have the billing systems, a billing system of sanctions against them they fear more than the court’s decision. Because if you don’t bring the money himself, the client returns them through the Bank and billing and will receive a check in the section “chargeback”, but if ticks become a lot, then billing will no longer service store, and his business will end. And it’s not because the billing is so good — just above it there is a payment system, and her statements with a tick.

Payment system is not perfect, and people are not that fond of. They just really do not like to receive complaints from the courts. And trying all possible ways to avoid this.

Only suing only in order to protect their rights and creating new rights and opportunities for ourselves, we are to create a more comfortable life for all of us.

Apple is a great company. And after the decision of the FAS it will be a little better.

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