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The second grille for the speaker in the iPhone 7 is necessary for the barometer

The specialists of iFixit, regularly breaking popular smartphones and other gadgets to examine their inner workings, find out what purpose Apple declined 3.5 mm audio Jack in the iPhone 7. During their research experts found out which benefits brought the device no connector for standard headphones.

The second speaker grille iPhone 7 has a purely decorative function under a multi-hole is the microphone, while others are left for symmetry. In the place where once was the audio Jack, now is a great mechanism called the Taptic Engine, which is responsible for the response not only when you touch the screen, but if you are using an updated Home button, which the iPhone 7 become a touch and have learned to recognize the effect of depression.

In addition, part of the space replaced by a plastic insert. First, iFixit experts have suggested that this was done in order to make the casing waterproof. However, Apple representatives explained that this is a special mechanism required to operate one of the sensors of the iPhone.

According to the newspaper, the extra hole in iPhone 7 is used to operate the barometer. The latter allows to measure the atmospheric pressure at your current location the owner of the gadget and determine the height above sea level. Thanks to the special design in the iPhone 7, it’s more accurate counts data. Feature is especially useful when the user travels on inclined planes, whether hill or mountain, because the barometer helps depending on the atmospheric pressure and altitude, to calculate the exact amount of calories burned during the walk.

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Recall that the lack of 3.5 mm was one of the main features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. To connect to smartphones headphones through the adapter for the Lightning port or Bluetooth.

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