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A new version of the app allows Tesla to make an electric car with Touch ID

Smartphones long can be used instead of keys for cars, while receiving data about the temperature in the passenger compartment, fuel level and other parameters on-Board systems. The updated Tesla app for the iPhone allows owners of electric vehicles to gain access to the salon and make an electric car with the help of the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Of course, recognize this print will be iPhone and transfer data to the onboard vehicle system.

Tesla has released an updated version of the same application for them with the iPhone. In version 3.0, the app has received new user interface, more shortcuts on home screen for quick access to frequently used functions. In addition, was added to control the climate control of the car.

Also, the developers have added a new Today widget that continuously displays important information about the state of the electric vehicle, allowing for quick diagnosis of the vehicle. Even control the process of charging the traction battery with the help of this widget will be much easier.

We also implemented Touch ID, which allows you to start the engine without a key.

In the beginning of the month, Tesla officially changed its name: now the company is called Tesla Inc., not Tesla Motors. In this connection the company has made this decision, not reported. It is assumed that this is due to the expansion of the electric car manufacturer. In addition to Tesla or belonging to it firms produced batteries for household use, as well as panels to collect solar energy.

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Currently the lineup consists of two Tesla electric cars: liftback Model S and the crossover Model X. the Automaker is also preparing to start production of its cheapest model — the Model 3.

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