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10 000 users have joined the suit against Apple because of problems with the touch screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

In August of this year MacDigger wrote about the fact that Apple sued because of problems with the touch screens of smartphones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The lawsuit was not the last of its kind. At the end of September against the company filed a new lawsuit in connection with the same problem. Now to the claim because of a defect of “Apple” smartphone, dubbed the Touch Disease, joined by three law firms.

Touch Disease — defect iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which is manifested as irreversible loss of function of sensory input, accompanied by the appearance at the top of the screen shimmering gray stripes. In Cupertino do not consider this failure as a warranty case, and meanwhile the repair cost more than $300.

Costly display replacement Touch Disease is not treated — the problem is not the screen, a chip on the motherboard of smartphones – the controller’s sensor taps. According to preliminary data, the defect is associated with deformation of the casing, which is subject to the flagships of Apple in 2014 (Bendgate). With regular loads on the body of the solder between the chip and the motherboard is gradually destroyed and the contact is broken.

The location of the “problem” of touch screen controllers on the motherboard iPhone 6

“Cured” the defect by replacing the motherboard or soldering of the chip, but for this job only professionals. To temporarily fix the problem, slightly arched iPhone and pushing in certain parts of the body. However, after some time the problem may return, and such methods will not help.

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A lawyer from California, Richard Makoni said that he was contacted almost 10,000 people who intend to join the lawsuit against the California giant. In total, the legal confrontation with Apple because of this defect lead four law firms.

The plaintiffs accuse Apple of neglecting their duties, since the manufacturer put on the market the damaged smartphones, “knowingly and intentionally concealed” the defect from consumers and has not offered an acceptable solution. In their opinion, the company is aware of the issue, however, pretends that nothing happens. The victims say they do anything — the warranty on their smartphones has ended.


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