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IBM buys for its employees a large shipment of Apple Watch

In the beginning of the year for the first time IBM has allowed its employees to use for work purposes PC Apple, whereas previously they could only use systems based on Windows or Linux. Later it became known that the company decided before the end of the year to buy about 200,000 MacBook for their employees. As it turned out, the “blue giant” has decided not to be limited to only personal computers Apple. In particular, the company has agreed to supply to employees of “smart” clock Apple Watch. This was announced by Director of information IBM is Jeff Smith.

Initiative with Apple Watch is aimed at tracking the physical activity of employees of IBM. The Corporation believes that the physical development staff will have a positive impact on their performance. Apple Watch is intended to replace a Fitbit activity trackers, which IBM buys within the program for tracking the health of employees. The Apple gadget has an obvious advantage over a fitness bracelet smart watch is a full complement of smartphone, they receive incoming notifications and messages, allow you to answer calls. The watch will help you filter the information, reducing the time for the use of the smartphone.

According to provisional data, in III quarter, Apple sold between 3.5 and 4 million wearable computers In its financial statements, Apple does not indicate the number sold for the quarter hours. New initiative could significantly increase the use of the Apple Watch in a corporate environment.

During a recent press conference on the financial results, Apple CEO Tim cook said that its partners from IBM can save on support users an average of $270 for each computer. According to IBM, the end of the year, the company will provide Apple computers and another 50 000 employees.

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In August, in the framework of cooperation with Apple and IBM announced an initiative to help large organizations and enterprises to implement Macs in their IT infrastructure and ease the transition to OS X. Purchasing laptops and desktops via Apple, IBM, clients of the American Corporation will eliminate the need to perform additional configuration system or make any changes to them are employees of the company will be able to begin full-time work at the computer immediately after it is installed in the workplace.

Recall that for many years Apple and IBM have treated each other as rivals, but in 2014 the situation changed radically. The Corporation agreed to jointly develop corporate software for iPhones and iPads, and IBM began purchasing computers partner for work purposes.

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