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“Rakete” – handy widgets to Vkontakte

Each active user social network “Vkontakte” sooner or later there comes a time when it becomes a little familiar functionality. Well, you see you can’t download songs can’t be saved video, I want more notifications how to know who visited the page, etc. Due to these desires, around the “Vkontakte” grows up a whole system of additional programs – about one link of the endless chain we will talk about today. So, “Rakete” – widget, designed for the popular social network.

Objective of the application is to bring you to the notification screen as much data as possible. You must have had this problem: I want, say, know who the friend is online now, and this should make a whole chain of unpleasant actions – click on the icon, go to menu, click on the tab, EW. Using “Rakete” this sequence can be significantly reduced.

This is done so. You download the program, go, log in. Then choose what you would like to see as soon as you click on the Home button. You can run in screen notification messages – it will be much more enhanced version of the familiar features, with multiple addressees, full name, avatar, date of the sent “message”. You can fill up a friends list – as is the case when you need to see who is online – you’ll just stab the screen, and “Rakete” will show you everything. Straight from the same dies you can email friends or go to their page. Finally, the third point – the news of your ribbon. They can also be put in the main screen, and you don’t have to go into the app to see new posts from your favorite communities.

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When you decide what you want to see in the notification list, and you can choose exactly where you will take “Rakete” when you want to go to the basic version. You can configure a login in the browser or in the application in General, as you prefer.

And now a few words about the technical data. First, if you do not have iOS 10, then I’m sorry – “Rakete” for a number of reasons only works in this version of the OS. In-the second, the program is in the area of 75 rubles, which, in General, a little – if you often use “Vkontakte”, then give one dollar is hardly much trouble. Because in return you will get a handy widget that allows you to obtain information on one one.

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