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Yuri Gromov has accused Apple of “anti-behavior”: the company delays the entry of Orthodox apps for iPhone

Russian film Director, screenwriter and member of the Council on state cultural policy, Yury Grymov has criticized Apple, which “delayed the release of the free app”. “To get explanations from her representatives we can’t,” said Gromov.

“I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. But the fact remains: Apple has delayed the release of a new free app on the App Store. he writes in his blog. And to get explanations from her representatives we can’t. Despite the fact that we met all conditions and complied with all the requirements to yesterday’s presentation of our application to Apple’s “not done””.

According to Grymov, he requested an Apple but has not received from the representatives of the company “or any comments on this issue, no clear answer is whether the application is approved or not.”

“I hope this is a misunderstanding, than another Amateur anti-Russian prank,” says the Director.

According to Grymov, Apple is not the first time that is unreasonably long considering applications on Orthodox subjects.

“I was told that the situation is repeated as a blueprint: the Americans, these super-specific Executive and boys for whom the professional standards of the business are the real ten commandments, can’t answer a simple question: will Orthodox or not a new application in their online store. No: sure I can. But we are not”, – he explained.

Grymov said that the application really very handy tool. For example, geolocation service, attached to churches and cloisters, allows you to quickly obtain information about the churches that are near a particular user, including contact numbers. “This is a technology about which everyone is talking and which already became public and almost obligatory in everyday life of modern man,” said Gromov.

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