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“You have iPhone?” Users Of Yandex.Taxi found the dependence of the cost of the trip of the price of the smartphone

Users of social networks drew attention to the fact that the cost of the trip in the application “Yandex.Taxi” can vary depending on the model of the smartphone users. In particular, shared his observations of Svetlana Yavorskaya, which had two different iPhone models.

“Playing” with settings, Yavorskaya noticed that the price for the trip is assigned below, if you select payment by cash and not card. In addition, choosing the same route and the same payment method on your new iPhone and older iPhone models friend she found that the price for the trip was not the same, the difference amounted to nearly 100.

In the course of further experiments it was found out that the app calculated the price differently for each of the four mobile devices.

The head a press-services “Yandex.Taxi” Vladimir Isaev said that the phone model and the income level of the user does not affect the price of the trip. The variation in cost was explained by the automatic updating of available cars and traffic jams. It is emphasized that the device model or payment method pricing algorithms are not affected.

This review Yavorskaya were skeptical, as it is often Yandex.Taxi, and the price was higher.

Representatives Yandex.Taxi insist the comments in social networks and journalists that the experimental algorithm is based on these three factors, the traffic and availability of drivers in big cities like Moscow may change so often that will lead to different prices, even if the “two users stand side by side and almost at the same time make the trip on the same route.”

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