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Apple CEO told why he decided to announce to the world that he is gay

Apple CEO Tim cook in the TV show Late Show with Stephen Colbert explained why he decided to confess his sexual orientation. According to cook, he felt a huge responsibility when he committed this act.

“It became clear to me that children become objects of ridicule in the schools, in fact it is discrimination, from the children even if their parents refuse. I felt that I need to do something,” commented Tim cook its coming out.

Although many who worked as cook, already knew about his sexual orientation, the CEO decided to announce it publicly. It was inspired by the words of Martin Luther king: “the Most stubborn and important question of life: “What have you done for others”?”

“Although I appreciate my private life, I felt that there are things much more important, – said the head of Apple. – I decided to tell the truth to everyone. Many already knew. For many people this was not a revelation. This is how to know about something that long ago able to your iPhone, but you didn’t know about it.”

Tim cook admitted homosexuality last year, although rumors about his sexual orientation went long. “So far I have not confessed publicly in its orientation. Now I want to be clear: I’m proud that I’m gay, and I consider it one of the greatest gifts from the Lord,” said cook.

Many users in Russia the word cook’s outrage, and the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov even demanded to ban his entry to Russia, calling the actions of the chief Executive of Apple “subtle political move”.

“Thus it increases sales. Apple has become a popular brand. He, as the artist who first unwinds as an artist, and then says that he was a pederast. Now we all know that Apple is doing buggers, and each begins to change the mind — well, he’s talented,” said Milonov.

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