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“Yandex” has launched an application for entry in private medical clinics

“Yandex” has released a new mobile application “Yandex.Health”, with which you can make an appointment to see the doctor without a call to the reception Desk. The app is available on iOS and Android.

As told “Kommersant” Director of technology Internet company Gregory bakunow, the app has already connected about 130 of the Moscow clinics. The app is shortly to be launched in other cities.

In “Yandex.Health” is available a map with the clinics, the data on them (the price of the initial admission, hours of operation, General information), history of visits, reminder, list of doctors, and a test questionnaire to help you determine which specialist you should contact. Through “Yandex.Health” the company also plans to build an Advisory system clinics.

“Until this experiment, we do not think about monetization of the app, but if it will, in the b2b sphere”, — said the bakunow.

In “Yandex” are counting on the legalization of telemedicine technologies in Russia, which will provide care to patients remotely. The company is involved in the preparation of the relevant amendments to the legislation.

“As soon as telemedicine, here in combination with a sign to the doctor will button, to receive consultation of the doctor here and now”, — said the bakunow.

The launch of the application — a “strong signal”, said the owner of the service Dmitry Domarev. “Brand and technology will help the technology giant to gain a new audience. Strong players who started early, too, will benefit from this,” he said.

Download “Yandex.Health” at this link.

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