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Xiaomi Yeelight E27 smart lighting for modern homes

Xiaomi Yeelight E27 – new “smart” lamp, produced specially for those who wants to get another smart device for the organization of the intelligent home. It is part of the unified system of Xiaomi Smart Home along with surveillance cameras and other useful accessories.

The device is threaded into the usual socket and provides a brightness of 600 lumens. Led lamps use less energy than traditional light sources, helping to reduce the cost of electricity and reduce the negative impact on the environment, says the company. Yeelight E27 consumption is only 6 Watts in operation and 0.3 Watt in standby mode.

Lamp Xiaomi differs nonclassical form and comparatively large size is 145 grams, while modern chandeliers such characteristics is not particularly scary. The main part of the device is made of metal, which allows to significantly improve the heat transfer, reducing the chance of overheating of all the main components.

The upper part of the lamp is made of special frosted plastic material. It is designed to scatter light, making it softer and more subdued. What in the lamp there, so it is protected from moisture and dust, so it is suitable for installation only in enclosed spaces. For verandas, gazebos or lighting the entrance to a private home it will not work.

The transmitter receiving a signal from external devices, you’ll be near the cap where it is protected by the housing. In this case, the communication distance through the use of the Wi-Fi reaches 100 meters.

To control the lighting, you can use any device that has a wireless network connection Wi-Fi. The app is compatible with iOS 5 and above and Android 4.3 and above. It allows to configure the necessary aspects of light, including brightness and timer. The application supports control of multiple lights, allowing you to set them the same settings, or choose individual setup specially for each of them.

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The price of Xiaomi Yeelight E27 at the site Banggood is 1,350 rubles.

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