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X iPhone to overheat during intensive use

In the network there were reports of overheating iPhone X. Users also complain that the flagship Apple consuming excessive Internet traffic. This publication reports Cult of Mac.

In the beginning of 2018, it became known that the iPhone screen X not face burnout. But the gadget is suffering from a serious overheating. Some users even removed the device in the freezer, that though as-that to cool the smartphone.

Complaints can be found on the forums, Reddit, YouTube, where users had to upload videos:

and Twitter.

The exact cause of the overheating could not be established. Most likely, this is due to many apps running in the background.

Along with complaints of overheating, there have been reports that on iPhone X consumes too much Internet traffic. Some users have noticed that the phone can download about 1 GB of data per day. The owners assure that used a smartphone in the normal way and not with a downloaded large files.

Apple representatives haven’t issued an official statement concerning this problem. However, the technical support service of the company reports that is ready to help all users of iOS gadgets.

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