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WSJ: iPhone 8 will be equipped with a USB type-C instead of Lightning and a curved OLED display

With high probability instead of the Lightning connector the next generation of Apple’s smartphone will be equipped with a USB type-C and will switch to OLED displays. This writes the authoritative newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources.

Currently, Apple faces a choice: continue to use a Lightning iPhone or any smartphone universal standard USB C. to Say that in the latter case, the company will not receive benefits, cannot be. However, in this case, she will have to transfer to USB With not only iPhone and other gadgets – iPad, iPod touch, keyboard, mouse, trekpay, headphones, etc. moreover, it will bring serious problems to users who will again have to go to the store for new cables and adapters.

One of the confirmations of Apple’s plans to abandon the Lightning in favor of USB-C received after running AirPods. On the case charger headphone cutout connector was significantly higher at just under the size of a USB C. it is Obvious that the design of the design of the charging case for AirPods until the last moment it was planned to use USB-C and not Lightning.

Now the Apple was in a difficult situation. If she really decided to move all your gadgets to the USB-C, it is unclear what needs to be done users AirPods. If the company will continue to use Lightning, do not understand the owners of MacBook and MacBook Pro. In any case, Apple has a few good reasons to go with the Lightning-to-USB C iPhone 8.

As for the display panel, according to the WSJ, the new flagship Apple will move to the use of curved OLED screens, which will occupy the entire front panel of the device. Still the world’s only smartphone manufacturer that uses this technology is the Samsung. Other large vendors are still at the stage of its development. In the end, Apple made a deal with his main competitor in the market for the supply of 160 million displays for the new iPhone for a total of $11.4 billion.

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Apple is planning to seriously upgrade the design of their smartphones in honor of the tenth anniversary of the release of the first iPhone. It is expected that in the autumn the company will present three new products, one of which will have a curved screen organic led (OLED display). However, the Corporation producing them is not engaged in, and its main suppliers are LG Display and Japan Display have not yet mastered this technology and will continue to supply Apple with liquid crystal displays, used on all models of smartphones, starting with the first.

The only time a company mass-producing OLED displays is Samsung. What the South Korean manufacturer became the world’s first who introduced mass smartphone with curved screen in 2014. Samsung is the only manufacturer in the world of curved screens, which are able to provide their mass production that meets the requirements of Apple. In the end, according to sources among the manufacturers and suppliers of screens, the American Corporation has decided to purchase a new display type at its main competitor in the market.

The company does not comment on recent media information. Sources also reported the first such deal between Apple and Samsung in April of last year. Then it was the purchase of 60 million displays for $4.35 billion And this month, according to sources, the company signed a second such agreement: it involves the supply of another 100 million of curved displays, and the cost will exceed $7 billion Thus, according to observers, 80% of all displays for the new iPhone will be provided by Samsung.

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