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Apple has patented a Magic keyboard with integrated Touch panel Bar and scanner Touch ID

An optional touch display Touch Bar above the keyboard was the main innovation of the MacBook Pro. It will display a variety of tools depending on the running program. According to a new patent application, Apple is going to release a computer keyboard Magic Keyboard, in which a number of function keys replace the touch OLED display.

Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. has published a document which describes the use of an additional panel for an external keyboard. The developers are considering the implementation of the Touch Bar, and a fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

Apparently, Magic Keyboard 2 will inherit the main innovation of the MacBook Pro. Apple describe the capabilities of the display strip, displaying additional information such as icons, buttons, app shortcuts and various controls. The fingerprint scanner will allow you to log in to the computer and verify payments on the Internet.

Color OLED display, the keyboard will definitely affect battery life Magic Keyboard. But this is Apple’s patent application is silent. To charge the keyboard through the standard Lightning connector.

Of course, there is a possibility that Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar will remain at the level of patent applications. However, practice shows that many of their innovative solutions Apple distributes to other products. And given the hint of the Vice-President Phil Schiller on the development of new devices, when we are talking about panel Touch Bar, Apple is definitely preparing the firmware update keyboard.

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