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Windows XP launched on the iPhone 7 [video]

Not so long ago Windows celebrated his 34th birthday. Along with the operating system from Microsoft brought up a new generation — maybe this explains the all-encompassing sense of nostalgia for older editions of OS that occurs for many users. Otherwise, why craftsmen install an older version of Windows on, seemingly not intended for this device?

iOS 10 is, of course, the most advanced mobile OS from Apple. However, despite many innovations, the initial stage she could not boast of stability. A YouTube user under the nickname Jules Hacking want new sensations and decided to install on the iPhone 7 legendary Windows XP. And he did it.

Run Windows XP on the iPhone opens 7 classic desktop classic desktop OS interface and standard Wallpaper. Bottom bar with the start button and clock. On the desktop icons My documents, My Computer, Network connections, recycle Bin and control Panel.

The mouse cursor is controlled by a swipe across the screen. In the video, the user opens control panel, go to the settings – system description, why calls start, and the program opens the Calculator.

To run Windows XP on iPhone 7 managed with the emulator iBox. The latter is based on DOSBox, originally designed to play on mobile devices in retro games. Interestingly, while working on the top smartphone OSes 16-year-old is quite stable, it does this very slowly, almost like the first computers that is compatible with this OS.

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