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Windows has lost its status as the world’s most popular operating system

Mobile gadgets are becoming more popular and are beginning to circumvent Board decisions. At least when it comes to access to the world wide web. According to research firm StatCounter, the Android operating system for the first time in history ahead of Windows in popularity among the Internet users.

In March 2017, the owners of Android devices were responsible for the 37,93% of the monitored online activity, whereas Windows had 37,91%. The gap of 0.02% is hardly anything significant, but it allows you says on the occurrence of a turning point in the development of the Internet.

Even more pronounced is the advantage of mobile devices over desktop solutions observed in the Apple ecosystem, the activity of the iOS is almost three times higher than what we see in the case of macOS. StatCounter data is based on statistics, 2.5 million sites every month generating more than 15 billion hits.

In the last 5 years the PC market continues to shrink and now its volume down to the level of 2008. At the same time, the number of Internet users is constantly growing. The largest contribution to this growth making, developing countries, in particular India and China. Analysts say that the largest part of the Internet user activity in developing countries accounted for by mobile traffic. In the case of India is 79%, and Indonesia 72% China – 57%.

The position of the desktop systems is still strong in developed markets. So, in the US Windows had 39.5% of all outputs in an Internet (on an Android 25,7%), and in Europe of 51.7% (on an Android 29,2%).

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