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Wi-Fi Aware will teach smartphones to navigate in space [video]

Non-profit organization Wi-Fi Alliance, which includes Apple, Microsoft and Intel, presented the technology of Wi-Fi Aware, opening a number of new possibilities for user interaction with the environment.

Wi-Fi Aware allows mobile devices to communicate with each other regardless of Internet connection or access point. Once the user installs the app with the function Aware, the gadget starts to continuously transmit and receive information.

The owner of the smartphone, adjusting privacy settings, may allow the program to communicate and to collect available information and also to accept connection requests. For example, social networks can tell when someone from friends of the user is very close, for example, on the same street. Applications that provide discount information will have the opportunity to inform the user about the next action, when he passes by the store.

Wi-Fi Aware is operated by a survey of the surrounding devices and does not require the presence of other signals (cellular network or GPS), noted in the Wi-Fi Alliance. It is also extremely energy-efficient, and while the user selects the direct connection of it to the concerned device, Wi-Fi Aware sparingly uses the battery.

According to the developers, this technology will allow the user to obtain relevant information about the environment. The first application that uses this function, can see the light by the end of this year.

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