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“iPhone dreams”, which was not released by Apple

The owners of gadgets you know on how should look and what should be able to smartphone, more manufacturer. This fact is hard to challenge, reading forums and customer reviews of the next “Apple” news. The user network share on Reddit brought to life “iPhone dreams” is, in his opinion, should look like a Golden iPhone 6s, if Apple took into account the requests of users.

Apple regularly adds new colors to the colors of their own products. The last time the company refreshed the color gamut of smartphones in the past year, suggesting the iPhone 6s in the color Rose Gold. In 2008 with the release of the iPhone 3G introduced the white color in addition to black. Later, with the release of iPhone 5s manufacturer renamed variant of White Silver. The same model in 2013 was used to launch a new Golden hue.

Which ran contrary to the assumptions of the “gold” iPhone was not vulgar or tasteless: the color looks very elegant. New colors were adopted exactly as the company expected – chose a gold iPhone.

Perhaps now the iPhone gold looks not so original, since it has been almost three years. But an Apple fan from the site Reddit has found a way to refresh the design of the smartphone by simple modding: front panel was black instead of the standard white, and the rear left gold. Many users praised the idea, noting that the gold body blends with the black frame.

“I would have bought this if it was for sale. Looks great!” writes namwoohyun.

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“Looks much better than I expected. I would have bought” – agrees with him AriCode.

“Very very cool!”, – shared Prayingfortomorrow97.

“Finally! Black and gold with black Home button,” notes kankaswag.

Photos gold iPhone 6s black frame shown from all angles. And this design allows to ensure that the smartphone definitely looks more conventional models.

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