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Why I will never go back to a Windows PC

Last year, Apple, among other things, introduced a new generation of professional notebooks MacBook Pro, and “most advanced” desktop operating system macOS Sierra. The combination of just these facts is enough to convince even the most hidebound of a Windows user to try to move to the Mac.

Many web articles about how the owners of Windows-based PC resolved to purchase their first Mac, and talk about their feelings. But to find history with the transition extremely difficult. A Mac user told the story of a forced migration to Windows and shared their emotions from such an experiment.


Like many of you, I have used Windows machines most of my adult life. With this operating system I spent my last school years, all students and the first five years of employment.

I knew about the “Windows” a lot, knew a lot and thought that it always will be. At one point I had a few days to work on my MacBook, and I decided to change my environment. Besides, I already had the iPhone and iPad, so tempted to become the owner of the complete ecosystem. My first “Apple” computer was a Mac mini 2010, which was later replaced by the older but powerful MacBook Pro 2009 model year.

The transition to macOS was not smooth, I was faced with all the problems and difficulties of the average “switcher”. If the Mac mini was the home computer and perform only the entertainment functions, the MacBook is really a work device.

His appearance I coincided with frequent travel to travel to have the opportunity not only to work, I preferred personal computer desktop. MacBook not failed even once and have had more difficult journeys. However, the “old man” suffered a hard fate, he got into the repairs, and, due to the lack of spare parts in the service center, the repair was delayed indefinitely. For replacement I got a Samsung laptop with almost forgotten the Windows operating system.

Scenario PC

I work 1C-consultant. Every day I need to connect to Windows server and terminals, in fact, work in 1C, to have remote access to client computers. As you can see, my professional career, Mac was absolutely contraindicated. The first week there is a desire to install Windows or at least a virtual machine.

However, nothing is impossible, the native Windows client to connect to the rd was replaced with Microsoft Remote Desktop, colleagues and clients, I smoothly moved with Ammy Admin, Team Viewer, 1C and other programs helped to cope WineSkin. So the need to run Windows anymore.

Reinstall Windows

Now my Mac is in repair, in the hands of Windows PCs, but my head is a trivial task to reinstall Windows to start with a clean slate. Last time I did this over three years ago, but as they say “remember that hand”. I went to the Internet in search of Windows distribution 10. Habitually wandered to all sorts of trackers and forums, I saw countless custom builds and installation packages.

Net official image not want to take, I had heard about the surveillance and unnecessary processes. Like, at least, “Windu” – disabled unnecessary services and familiar start menu. The search was long, looking ahead, I will say that neither the first nor the second of the downloaded images have not earned. Established only the third build of Windows 10. Then I remembered how easy, in this respect, macOS, no custom.

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When the image was found and downloaded, you need to create a bootable USB flash drive. Then I was faced with another problem, because the programs for this there is a great set. As it turned out, not all applications comply with stated capabilities. I had to go through WinSetupFromUSB, Rufus, WinToFlash and UltraISO. The image was unsuitable for the program format, were not any files or folders in the Assembly, the application completely refused to see the USB drive, then hung out in the middle of the process.

In the case of macOS I which a. DiskMaker X. I lost count, trying to remember what time will be able to create a boot disk. Not everyone is ready and recorded images wanted to install on the laptop. Some are not perceived, as is the boot, others gave different errors. It later emerged that the case can be in the flash drive, I tried all three that were found. In the end, with n-th times I was able to find a good combination of image Windows program for recording and a suitable USB drive. Half of the day was already over.


After installation Windows started the next test – drivers search. How did I become estranged from this, am very grateful to Apple because macOS save us from such a routine. Of course, any drives from the laptop I had, fortunately, a piece of equipment “catch” system. I once again relied on search automatically for drivers online, but as always, it was useless. I wonder has anyone found a with it something? Why is there such a function, if every missing driver you still need to search on your own?

Particularly pleased with finding the right files for unclassified devices system. I remembered the settings such as “ven” and “dev”. Our favorite producers of “iron” a couple years after the release of any component stops supporting him, so that drivers on the official sites were not successful.

Download something from the most out of resources is not possible. Instead of a treasured driver and then slips another super program that will solve all my problems. After a couple hours of searching the Windows reinstall again. On each boot on the laptop flew something is not right. Don’t think I agree to download any nonsense all the time just click “Next”, now no one proposes to abandon excess debris during installation and brazenly downloads it in the background without any consent and warning.

When all devices on the computer identified by system I couldn’t get the installed Chrome browser. A bunch of plugins, widgets and add-ons captivated him. Part of the debris was removed easily, but with entrenched nonsense that has changed start page and search engine I struggled for about an hour. Then I remembered about writing a bat-nicks and tinkering in the registry. Again, thank you, Apple, for the last years I didn’t stuff it into your head.

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Installing applications

I moved on to the last stage of the preparation of the computer to work is install the necessary programs. The name of the necessary “software” remembered without problems. Unfortunately, on the Mac App Store on Windows out of the question, the situation is similar to the search of drivers. On the first page of search queries in Google only caught the popular file-sharing sites, blocking the computer with unnecessary garbage. To get to the official website of the program can be very difficult.

And even there the author is not clean at hand, and with the right program on your computer leaks another advertising crap. After you download the programs to listen to music, view photos, videos, and work with office documents I wanted to again reinstall Windows.

Another batch of “uluchshayzerov” and “optimizers” waited their turn for destruction. In the end disappoint Chrome. Before to give to repair the Mac, I transferred all the data from Safari is a browser from Google, but when you connect your account on the new computer, not everything needed is loaded into the application. Saved passwords from the sites have yet to be tested in the process, but not all the migrated bookmarks and a complete lack of settings for some extensions immediately caught my eye.

The start-up of other familiar applications upset not less. A bunch of advertising banners in Skype and uTorrent not just bored but loaded the computer memory. Free video player is regularly directed to the advertiser’s website. To disable all this, you need to spend a lot of time.

Configuring Windows

I didn’t think to reinstall it would take me all day. By evening, I decided to make the last settings of the system and to get acquainted with the innovations of Windows 10, I saw her for the first time. Changes in the OS did not bring positive emotions. Most of the usual menu items have changed their location, some functions began to switch in a different place, unlike Windows 7 (which is “seven” I actively used before switching to Mac). Try to quickly find a place where, for example, changing the screen resolution or configure the shortcuts to switch languages.

Customize Windows 10 is a mixture of the familiar control panel and the terrible tile interface, which constantly replace each other. Then we have small menu items, buttons the size of a quarter of the screen. Network settings leave it to the old, the new interface is that every time in a new window.

I recommend at the first contact to the classic control panel, you can create a shortcut to it on your desktop (drag&drop). So it can be quicker and more accustomed to finding certain settings, but unfortunately not all. The start menu in the tile form is absolutely not suitable for work and not made clear to anyone. Everywhere began to impose to cloud service OneDrive.

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Top menu style Office sometimes makes it easier to find the necessary functions, but sometimes quite the opposite. Regularly there is not much useful notification center borrowed from macOS.

Another trouble was waiting for me when setting up a working VPN connection. It was created without problems, however, that all traffic on the computer did not go through the service network, it was necessary to change the IP settings v4. Imagine my surprise when the system doesn’t react on clicking the button Properties. It turned out to be a bug from Microsoft.

Once again there was a desire to “tear down” of Windows 10. Thanks to the enthusiast with one of the forums, who wrote a small script that changes my desired setting. The window itself to enable and disable the VPN still located in the network menu, however, activate it in one click from the system tray will not work. Tap on the connection again redirects to tile settings, only from there you can enable or disable the operation of the network.

The results

All of the above, I should add that I had to find a replacement for the default mail client of macOS Mail, to configure additional backup application is your one-stop Time Machine, to look for analogues of the usual utilities CleanMyMac and DaisyDisc.

Note that I haven’t mentioned about the hardware difference Mac and PC. I lost the convenience of the touchpad, which in 90% of cases no problem replacing the mouse with a soft, but clear back-lit keyboard and a quick exit from sleep mode when the lid is opened.

Of course, the advantages of a Windows environment can be attributed to the game, but I’m not an avid gamer. Many worthy masterpieces come adapted to work on Mac, and live classics like HOMM 3 long been ported to work on macOS. In the end, I didn’t see anything new and interesting that could make me in the future to change the Mac on a Windows PC.

The latest operating system from Microsoft doesn’t look revolutionary, moreover, it may deter many users unusual arrangement with some of the menus and switches, an intricate system settings.

Over the last days I remembered that it represents the daily work with “Windows”. I have not the pleasure of poking around in the registry settings or permanently to find and fix something. In every PC user sooner or later wakes up geek who wants to customize all by himself. Later, when spent on the computer setup the time you want to spend on something else, the laptop becomes a work tool, not a testing ground for tests and trials of gik gives place to a picky user who wants everything “just worked”.

For me, the road back from macOS to Windows. I’ll hope for the speedy appearance of the parts of my MacBook and wait for its repair.

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