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When the iPhone will become truly American smartphone?

Apple is seriously considering moving production of the iPhone in the United States. But today, not ready for this one. First of all — consumers, because if now the Assembly, shipping and duty cost $40, included in the cost of the smartphone, after transferring to the States the cost of production and Assembly of iPhone will increase to $100, that is, the gadgets will grow by 10-15%.

The Apple initiative is directly connected with the victory of Donald trump at the election of the President of the United States, writes Content Review. In November, when it became clear that the billionaire his victory will not give anyone Apple asked the chief partner Foxconn with a request to consider the establishment of a factory in the USA. In December, the partners conducted more detailed negotiations, then appeared in the media specific numbers. The project is estimated at $7 billion and the creation of factory displays will give the American economy from 30 000 to 50 000 jobs. The head of Foxconn commented on this information as follows: “I was sure that we have the private conversation, and in the morning everything hit the press”. With nothing to neither confirm nor deny neither Apple nor Foxconn did not.

The project has a lot of problems. The first — and main — feasibility study. As already mentioned, production in the United States compared to the total cost of producing and shipping from Taiwan, will increase prices by $60. This is serious, and according to surveys conducted by the American portals, consumers are not willing to pay that kind of money for the inscription Made in the USA. At the same time, the administration of Donald trump has levers by which they can push the return (or rather the appearance, because the Apple smartphones have never assembled in USA) iPhone in the United States. For example, entering protective duties — that have managed to scare automakers. At the same time, trump may stimulate the transfer of production input of preferences, the allocation of land, reduced energy tariffs, tax incentives, etc. If you take into account the consistency with which Apple a few months kicking the tires, it is possible that some of the agreements of the company with the presidential administration are already in place.

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The second problem is China. Today, Foxconn is one of the largest employers in the country, and the transfer of production will mean the loss of jobs is already in heaven (which will be accurate, considers Taiwan its own, and Foxconn is based in Taiwan). The administration of trump and he has already made too many steps to start a trade war with China, and the destruction of jobs could easily be the last straw.

Trump still holds given to them during the election campaign promises. He has already submitted a draft law to abolish the insurance program Obamacare, led the United States out of negotiations on the TRANS-Pacific partnership and banned the entry of refugees into the country.

Return to USA jobs — the one lifeline that may protect trump from any claims from opponents. Supporters — ordinary Americans who have received a stable job will be much greater.

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