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When disappear iPhone: what will replace the modern gadgets

One day the iPhone will become obsolete and will take pride of place in museums next to the pagers, faxes and modems dial-up. Probably this will not happen very soon. But what will life after smartphones?

The short term

Desktop PCs and laptops is a combination of monitor, keyboard and mouse. Smartphone just took that model, shrunk it down and installed the sensor.

The first iPhone, introduced in 2007, became the ancestor of all smartphones of the modern type. These devices are small enough to be able to carry around and functional enough to perform a huge number of everyday tasks.

But look at the smartphone from another point of view. In fact, it is the development of the idea of a portable computer. A smartphone is a laptop that is reduced in size, stripped of keyboard and mouse.

It is logical to assume that more developers will experiment, simplifying the input and output of information. The first signs of this can already be seen. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8, presented last week, are equipped with a voice assistant Bixby. The assistant can accept voice commands from the user and to give information also in text form. According to rumors, Apple this fall will present a much improved voice assistant Siri.

“Smart” speakers like Home Google or Amazon Echo do not have any means of input and output information, in addition to voice. However, they are quite popular among users. In General, in the short term, smartphones are the modern type may well give way to devices that are entirely focused on the voice input and enter information.

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Medium term

In the medium term the market will take augmented reality. The first augmented reality device, like Google Glass have been in use today. But, as the experience of those of Google Glass, users are not ready to accept them as gadgets for daily use. It will take some time before the average user will be ready daily wear on the face of the smart visor. According to rumors, Apple is already working on such a device.

The inevitability of such a development no doubt. On the creation of compact and attractive augmented reality headsets are also Microsoft, Facebook and Google.

When augmented reality headset will be quite light, comfortable and cheap, they have no problem in wiping out all the other gadgets. Really, what’s the point to carry in your pocket for a tablet with a screen, if the screen is all the time in front of your eyes? At this point, the boundary between the real and virtual worlds will be erased completely. Accordingly, the smart glasses will be an indispensable tool for the user’s access to a digital layer of reality.

Mad future

In the long term, we are waiting for a truly great future. Many scientists believe: to replace the public devices augmented reality will come direct radio communication with the computer. I think it’s fantastic? Maybe, but concrete steps for the realization of this fantasy in reality are already being made today.

For example, recently Elon Musk, Creator of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, co-founder of another company Neuralink. It is nanotehnologicheskih project, which is developing a way to directly connect the human brain with a computer.

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Of course, it is difficult to say when exactly the will be a full-fledged interface brain-computer. If you believe futurist ray Kurzweil, the computer will be able to merge with a human brain into a single structure by the end of 2030.

Anyway, if Neuralink or other nanotehnologicheskoj the company succeeds, the world will change forever. It will mean the end of an era not only smartphones, but any modern electronic type. In the end, who needs a smartphone in your pocket, if a person is a single whole with the computer, and connected directly to the Internet?

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