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What would you change in the Mac Pro?

Three years ago, Apple showed the world a new generation of productive Mac Pro workstations. Mini-computer in the cylindrical housing was 10 times faster than a personal computer and is much more compact than the previous model.

Mac Pro stuffed with server processors Intel Xeon E5 v2, AMD FirePro graphics, and Thunderbolt 2 support 4K monitors. They feature rapid RAM DDR3 clocked at 1866 MHz, and Flash storage that is up to 10 times faster than any other drive.

It’s hard to believe, but the last time workstation Mac Pro was updated three years ago – in December 2013. Although it seems like it was last year. Then Apple for the first time in many years, changed the design of their professional line of machines and equipped them the most productive at that time, components in a configuration with 4-, 6-, 8 – and 12-core processors.

Such a long delay in updating the Mac Pro even led to the emergence of rumors about the refusal of the further development of powerful desktop computers.

Since the release of the new “proshek” came on the market three generations of compatible Intel Xeon processors and new graphics series, Fire Pro, suitable for workstations. However, Apple has not yet upgrade iron computers. It is clear that the Mac Pro is a niche product, so don’t expect them to frequent updates. But three years is a long time even for this technique.

According to rumors, Apple is planning to introduce a new generation of Mac Pro workstations at the beginning of next year. The following is a list of how the company could improve the device:

  • USB C / Thunderbolt 3.
  • USB ports-A Thunderbolt 2, HDMI, SD card slot.
  • Intel Xeon processors of the latest generation.
  • Productive schedule.
  • Keyboard Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar and Touch ID.
  • Support four 5K displays.
  • Return the classic “corps”?
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What do you think, what is missing the most powerful desktop Apple? If you decided to compile a list of improvements for the new Mac Pro, which would have included?

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