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Samsung the end of the year will make the switch to 10-nanometer process technology

Samsung, supplier of the Ax series processors, up to the end of 2016 plans to begin mass production of chips based on the second generation 10-nanometer technological process. The corresponding statement, as reported by THG, was made at a press conference in Silicon valley.

At the event Samsung announced plans to launch more profitable production on 14-nm process technology and painted to its partners the benefits of chips on a new 10-nanometer technological process, offering 10% performance gain compared with the first generation technology.

“We believe that we are back in the leading position, said the senior Director of Samsung Semiconductor Kelvin Lowe. And this is not a temporary phenomenon”.

However, analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy does not share the optimism of the Korean manufacturer. According to him, about his leadership in 10-nm technology represent all market players, including TSMC, Samsung and Intel. But in the end, crucial will have not only the first to establish mass production of this chipset, but what will be its cost and scrap rates.

One way or another, but the transition Samsung for 14-nm has enabled the company to gain an advantage on the market of chipsets. And start using 10-nm process technology will certainly appeal to many customers of Korean companies, including Apple.

And Samsung have all chances to oust TSMC, as supplier of chipsets Apple series A. moreover, while in this opposition wins it is a Taiwanese manufacturer who, according to rumors, received the most (if not all) of orders for the supply of platforms for the Apple iPhone 7 A10.

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