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What is Guided access on iOS and how to activate it

Guided access is an iOS function that allows you to use one program, and to determine what features of this program will be available. About what the required feature and how to activate it — in this material.

Guided access will come in handy for many things. For example, selecting this option and giving the iPhone or iPad to a child, the user need not worry about the safety of their data. Also showing friends a photo, we can stop being afraid that someone will snatch the smartphone and see personal photos.

Functions Guided access:

  • temporary restriction of the use of iOS devices by only one program;
  • disable areas of the screen not related to the task, or areas, random gestures, which can distract from the task;
  • disabling the hardware buttons.

How to activate Guided access on iPhone and iPad:

  • you need to run your iOS settings;
  • go to General, then accessibility;
  • click on the tab Guided access under the learning Process.

  • to activate Guided access, invent and enter the password;
  • enable Fast command.

How to use Guided access to restrict application functions Photo:

  • you need to run the Photos app on iOS;
  • select a photo that the user wants to show;
  • triple-click the Home button to activate Guided access;

  • click on Settings in the lower left corner and decide which buttons will be available in this mode;
  • click on Start in the upper right corner and make sure everything works.

This can be done in any app on iOS and protect yourself and your gadget from the actions of other people.

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