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Video “secret” by the clock function on the iPhone became a hit on the network

One of the users of iPhone after years of using smartphones has discovered a previously unknown function. A small video about this Twitter became a hit on social networks.

Since the days of iOS 7 app icon “Clock” on the iPhone displays the current time with animated second hand. It would seem that this is known to all iPhone owners, because the watch is on the main screen. However, as it turned out, there are quite a lot of users who just noticed the animation. Some believe that the watch “earned” on their iPhone after the last update.

Has anyone noticed that the clock icon on the desktop moves? This is a working clock!

Shock: the hands on the clock do move and iPhone show the correct time

Just found out that the image on the icon of clocks shows the correct time but the second hand is moving… it’s a new thing?

I guess I’m stupid. Just noticed that the icon for the Clock app on the iPhone 5s is animated!

Just found out that the logo is the clock application on the iPhone is animated and shows the correct time, the second hand is moving!

Just found out that the icon of the clock app on the screen of my iPhone goes and shows accurate time!

Did you know that the icon of the clock app on your iPhone shows the current time? And it moves?!

While on the home screen, users are not required to look at the status bar to know the time to glance at the clock icon.

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