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Utility Wine to run Windows applications on a Mac received the support of 64-bit and Retina display.

Outdoor Wine project dealing with the integration application program interfaces (APIs) Windows family of operating systems Unix/Linux, announced the release of Wine 2.0. For the new version are more than 6600 changes, including support for 64-bit architectures for Mac OS and Retina display.

Wine translates on-the-fly queries the Windows API in POSIX. In practice, this means that Windows applications can be run in the environment of the Mac operating system. Unlike virtual machines such as VirtualBox or Parallels, Wine doesn’t require installation of Microsoft operating system. Provide enough API to work on Mac thousand software for Windows.

Along with many less significant improvements in version 2.0 introduced two main novelties. First, it now supports Microsoft Office 2013, second, Wine has become possible to run on 64-bit macOS.

Beyond this upgrade, was postponed for the next development cycle remain a thread Direct3D, full support for Human Interface Device (HID), Android graphics driver, file-pipe in message mode.

However, in the current Wine quite useful and convenient, and the painstaking process of installation and configuration of the product can be facilitated through such programmes as the minimum commercial PlayOnLinux or CodeWeavers CrossOver.

Ready-made bags Wine 2.0 for macOS, and Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Mageia is now available for download.

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