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Using the “secret machine calibration” the Apple monopolisitic market iPhone repair [photos]

Apple continues to oppose the adoption of the law on the “Right to repair”. Edition Motherboard published image of secret digging device, which is used to calibrate the “Apple” of smartphones in the Apple stores.

The first time the technology was applied after the iPhone 5s equipped with a fingerprint scanner Touch ID. According to a former employee of the Genius Bar, it’s a big and awkward machine, which looks quite different from the Apple style. Seems like someone put together the device in his garage.

Even now, about “Machine to calibrate iPhone” little is known. The device allows to calibrate the camera and the smartphone display, as well as to connect to the old device a new fingerprint scanner. This is the feature of repair in an authorized service center: if you are applying for repairing the display, you will replace the entire front panel including the home button with a built-in sensor.

This whole mechanism is connected to a special computer and connected to an internal Apple server that allows you to recalibrate the Touch ID. Unauthorized service centers in this case, change the entire front panel except the “Home”button.

Anniversary the flagship of the iPhone 8 will be a solid piece of glass without a physical home key and built-in screen with a fingerprint sensor. Apple can monopolise the market of iPhone repair and put out of business thousands of independent shops.

Experts are of the opinion that the manufacturer should make the mechanism available for third-party service centers, and, therefore, fighting for the adoption of the legislative act on the “Right to repair”. According to Apple, making the calibration of the Touch ID open for unauthorized services, it will jeopardize the main feature of their products is safety.

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