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Users of Apple Pay in London can free ride on the metro and on public transport

In the UK users of the payment service Apple Pay, which turns your Apple device into electronic wallets, got free use of the capital’s public transport. Appropriate promotional campaign launched payment system MasterCard.

The mobile payment service Apple Pay officially earned in the UK in July this year. The system became available in 250 000 retail stores of the country. First, the maximum payment was £ 20, but in September, the limit was increased to 30 pounds (about 3000 rubles) . Now users can pay off the devices not only on the tills of supermarkets, but also in urban transport.

Today, MasterCard cardholders in London can take free rides on the metro, buses, trams, and railway, provided that the amount of trips will not exceed 28 pounds per day. The company stresses that to enter and exit the subway or bus you must log in with a single payment instrument. Not in the beginning be applied to the validator iPhone, and in the end – tickets.

Action with free travel on public transport from MasterCard will act in the period from 24 November to 14 December.

It is worth noting that the first days of operation, Apple Pay on the London underground demonstrated the weaknesses of the payment system Apple. The reason is that in the subway you need to register not only input but also output. But if the iPhone runs out of power during the trip, the passenger will not be able to register at the exit of the subway, and the fare will be considered invalid.

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The management of the London transport system warns passengers that entered the metro, they should make sure that their iPhone and Apple Watch are charged. If the passenger will come out of the subway with a dead phone and can’t confirm the authorization, he will have to pay a penalty equal to the fee for non-payment of fare.

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