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Updated smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a reduced battery lit up on the network

As earlier it became known, Samsung plans to sell the recovered Galaxy Note 7, withdrawn from the market after numerous cases of spontaneous combustion. Source has published the image of such a device for the Vietnamese market.

A corrected version of the explosive device should come this year, but the danger, as stated, it no longer is.

Recently, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note phablets 7 scheduled re-release for sale, but in a highly processed form. As per the provided photos, the novelty has a product index SM-N935, whereas the original was called SM-930. The main differences are: a new battery and power system. To avoid overheating, the model has developed a new battery capacity of 3200 mAh — mAh vs 3500 from last year’s model. Thus, the capacity of the battery is restored smartphone has been reduced to 300 mA * h, compared to the original.

At the end of last year, Samsung already tried to restart Galaxy Note 7, but then they only further checked out on the marriage without making technical changes. It turned out that the batteries are original models are expanded by charging, but in case I forgot to include space for this process. Occurred deformation, often leading to fires.

Subsequently the company had to withdraw the smartphone, and the remaining users are forcibly turned off through a software update.

The reduction of the capacity of the power source, probably related to the decrease in the size of the battery, which is now freer placed in the allotted space, so that the risk of damage and fire is eliminated.

Neither the cost nor the timing of the sales of recovered Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still unknown. Previously, the manufacturer only said that the smartphone will not be sold in the USA.

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