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Unlimited war: a comparison of the tariffs of the Russian operators

The era of stiff competition between the unlimited plans of the operators behind. At least talking about it, and the operators themselves, and market analysts. About what to replace gradually leaving the market “bezlimit” and to provide a comfortable environment for communication, said in Digimedia.

View on the tariff proposals of the leading cellular operators for subscribers in the capital region. So, in the tariff portfolio of “Beeline” is available, the tariff line “EVERYTHING!”. Depending on the postpaid per month the above mentioned rates received speaking name: “All over 30” “All for 500, All 800, All 1200 and All for 1800”. A more advanced rate “#monouse” offers unlimited 4G and a special offer: 10 rubles a day in the first month for new customers and return on account 300 rubles for 4 months when you purchase a new SIM card. Tariff plan “Does ALL” offers 6000 minutes per month that can be used in international roaming.

MegaFon unlimited tariffs do not exist. Instead, the company proposes a plan of “connecting cities”. And especially for mobile Internet users, provided the tariff “MegaFon-Online” without a monthly fee. This is the base rate, which has various options: “Internet S, Internet M, Internet L, Internet XL”.: “Internet S, Internet M, Internet L, Internet XL”.

MTS offers several unlimited plans, with some frighteningly-fabulous names — we mean prices “Smart Bezlimita” and “Transformis”. In turn, the tariff plan “Smart Nonstop” unlimited Internet available only at night, perfect for night owls or those who by their profession are forced to stay awake well after midnight. Finally, unlimited Internet included in the package tariff plan Smart+.

However, not all is rosy with unlimited Internet. The operator Yota the end of January 2017 not unlimited, explaining his decision by the fact that the operator managed to bring all customers interested in the unlimited mobile traffic and further expansion of the subscriber base goes at the expense of those subscribers who are not as active on the wireless network and not willing to pay for unlimited bandwidth. There were also reports that MTS is going to eliminate the “Bezlimita” this year. A similar mood prevails in “MegaFon”. I must say that the trend towards abolition of the unlimited Internet has a very reasonable explanation. First, the audience of “bezlimitku” indeed, it is unlikely to be seriously expanded in the future. Second, tariffs with unlimited Internet cost more, which adversely affects the overall impression of the pricing policy of the operator. Thirdly, “bezlimitku” create a heavy load on the network. And finally, fourth, the nl does not permit the operator to earn on additional services and traffic.

Operator Tele2 at the end of 2016 has launched the nl in the Metropolitan 4G network. Free access to LTE network for three months received both new and existing subscribers of tariff Tele2. Offer applies to tariff plans “Black”, “Really black”, “darkest”, “Sorcery” and remains in force until 10 April of the current year. However, even after the exhaustion of the main package of 4G traffic speed remains high. The service is configured so that the package included traffic is not consumed when roaming in LTE network, and the definition of its type automatically.

Definitely one of the competitive advantages Tele2 is a new service “Transfer of balance”, which actually is an alternative to the unlimited tariff. After all, if you think about it, every month we, the subscribers, fading “nowhere” tens or even hundreds of unused minutes, GB Internet and SMS messages. Using the “transfer balances” subscriber provides the necessary amount of cell service and not pay anything extra.

Summing up, we can confidently say that the potential disappearance of unlimited plans will not be fatal. Different operators offer a convenient alternative, allowing clients to comfortably use the services.

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