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Twice as inferior to the App Store app, but it brings 70% more profit

App Annie published a report in 2015 with the most interesting and meaningful facts that define and redefine the current market of mobile applications. The iOS platform is steadily ahead of Android in terms of revenue and is a driving factor in the development of the mobile ecosystem, laying, lays the basis of competitive dynamics, analysts say.

From the report, App Annie implies that the online store Google Play last year ahead of App Store in number of app downloads nearly doubled. A year earlier, Android users downloaded 60% more apps than owners of iOS-devices. However, when it comes to profit, there is an opposite situation. Revenue from sales of games and apps in the App Store was 75% higher than the results of Google Play, and only in the last year Apple has increased the gap by 5%.

The main contribution to the increase in the number of downloads of Android apps have made users in emerging markets, including Brazil, Turkey, India, Indonesia and Mexico. At the time, as the main drivers of App Store sales were the USA, Japan and China — the inhabitants of these countries provided about 90% of the increase. About 90% profit on Google Play are games, and for “Apple” directory IN the figure is 75%.

App Annie analysts noted that 2015 earnings from streaming music services increased by 2.2 times. Not surprisingly, the Spotify client has become the most profitable mobile app. The number of apps designed for smart watches Apple Watch, already exceeds 14 000.

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In Russia the most popular mobile applications are still social networks and messengers, occupying the first five positions of the rating. And “Vkontakte” became the most downloaded app for App Store and Google Play, and “Classmates” received the largest amount of revenue.

Russia is the fifth largest country by the number of downloads from the App Store and Google Play from the fourth. However, in terms of revenue, our country has not been included in any of the ratings, analysts say.

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