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There will be no explosion: why iPhone users will never switch to Samsung Galaxy S8

Debuted in late March, the Samsung Galaxy S8 managed to get the unofficial nickname of “style icon”. Huge screen, devoid of visually distinct part of the edges left and right, and also received minimal edging on top/bottom, immediately attracted the experts at DisplayMate, who praised the quality of the display panel.

If you compare the design of the Galaxy S8 and its big brother, the Galaxy S8+ with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it becomes immediately obvious just a few moments. First of all, the Samsung device looks much closer to the coveted “full-screen” form factor sought by many manufacturers. Second, the Korean smartphones are practically identical in size with the iPhone 7, though equipped with a larger display than the iPhone 7 Plus. In turn, the Galaxy S8+ are almost the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus, although equipped with a display 6.2 inch vs 5.5 inch “Apple” flagship.

Of course, design is one of the most important characteristics of any mobile device. But is not the most important. At the heart of any modern gadget is software, and with this, Samsung is still a serious problem. No matter how hard the company to optimize and improve proprietary interface, it is still not turned off by the reliability, stability and performance. And it is iOS and apps for Apple’s mobile platform keep iPhone users from having to navigate to the decisions of the South Korean company.

“Over the past 5 years used three Samsung phones, the last two were flagships (about 3 years). They are excellent from a hardware point of view, equipped with good cameras (regularly receive awards) and features a stunning screen. All the problems are on the software side. If you plan to use the phone for a year, then it’s not such a serious problem, but if longer, the updates are still the Achilles heel of Samsung smartphones. You never know when your phone will get the update. To not revealed by the Wikileaks, you can always be sure that Apple will deal with the situation and will promptly release an update. With Samsung phones you have absolutely no such certainty,” writes Reddit user under the nickname tiag0.

Jimbo831 agrees with him: “I will Support you. Before you switch to iPhone, I used a Galaxy S3 and it was not the most pleasant experience. I know many now say that things have gotten better since then, but I still have serious doubts, especially if we are talking about the regularity and timeliness of software updates.”

“100% agree with this. I have tried to live a couple of months with Android last summer, have moved from iPhone to Galaxy S7 Edge. And although I was in awe of the magnificent display and dimensions of the phone with 5.5-inch screen, in the end, I just couldn’t handle the software, TouchWiz is just the trouble,” adds lustinus.

User under the name WhosUrBuddiee also believes that the main problem of Samsung smartphones is the software.

“Now I have the iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL in personal use. I can say that both iOS and pure Android is great. Plan to go on iOS and in his personal gadget, but I know I’ll miss many Pixel chips. However, there is zero chance I will ever go with these phones on Samsung TouchWiz. New Galaxy S8 looks pretty good in the pictures, but the phone is much more than the sum of its characteristics.”

Of course, compare iPhone and Samsung Galaxy is endless, and the choice of ecosystems – it is subjective, but in this case, we decided to share the comments of those who use an iPhone and got acquainted with the new flagship of Samsung.

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