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The Russians began to pay less attention to the brand when choosing a smartphone

For the past 8 months of 2015, the Russians ceased to pay much attention to the brand and began to choose smartphones based on their cost and technical characteristics. This is evidenced by the survey conducted among buyers these gadgets.

In the first eight months of the year in Russia was sold for 6% less smartphones 15 million compared to 16 million the year before, follows from the report of “Euroset”. The Russians paid for purchased smartphones 147 billion rubles, 9 percent more than in January – August 2014 the Average price of a smartphone sold during this period increased by 16% to 9600 RUB.

Loyalty to a particular brand is gone from the first position, analysts say the retailer. According to the results of a consumer survey in 2015 to the consumer the most important technical characteristics, then price and then the credibility of the brand. The price factor when selecting a device failed in the first place, this means that even in times of crisis, consumers are not always looking for the cheapest deals.

According to MTS, in the first eight months of 2015, smartphone sales declined 5% year-on-year, while the market grew by 10%. Heaviest drop in sales has affected the world’s known brands (so-called A-brands – Apple, LG, HTC, Sony, etc.), and the only A-brand, increased its share in the Russian smartphone market was Samsung. Its share in sales increased from the beginning of the year by 2 percentage points to 21%, and revenue by 4 percentage points to 27%. In retail MTS in January – August of 2015, smartphone sales grew by more than 30% year-on-year, while revenue from their sales – almost 40%.

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Unlike smartphones, the tablet market in Russia for the first eight months of 2015 and fell in pieces, and money. In January – August has sold 41% fewer tablets than the previous year, 3 million devices. The proceeds from their sales fell by 34% to RUB 32 billion.

In the salons of “Beeline” smartphone sales for the first eight months of 2015 in the units increased by 9% year-on-year, in revenue – more than 40%, says a company representative Anna Imasheva. Among manufacturers sales in units and revenue of leading branded smartphone Beeline, Apple, Micromax, Samsung. The tablets in pieces and revenue of Beeline in the lead, Irbis, Allcatel, Lenovo, Samsung.

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