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The source code of the Yalu iOS 10.2 is now available for download

Hacker Luke Todesco laid out in open access source code of the tool to jailbreak iOS 10.2 Yalu. The program is available to developers, experts in the field of security and the whole jailbreak community.

In early January Todesco told that Yalu to gain support 64-bit devices running iOS 10.2, but noted that he has no plans to work on the exploit. With the release of iOS 10.3 beta 1 and the final version of iOS 10.2.1 unfinished version of the jailbreak for iOS 10.2 may download everyone.

Considering the possibility of using iOS 10.2 from GitHub note that it is unfinished, and that’s the key word. That is, the Creator of the exploit is not ready to work on it further, now the possibility of Yalu are pretty limited.

The source code for iOS 10.2 is intended for specialists and developers with a high level of training. Whether you take someone to finish the job Todesco, is still unknown. However, the odds are there.

Public version Yalu is only compatible with iOS version 10.2. Therefore, anyone who expects to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad, it is recommended to roll back to iOS 10.2.1. At the moment Apple still signs the firmware. But you should hurry up: early testing of iOS 10.3 window can be closed at any time.

Todesco earlier warned that all owners of 64-bit devices running iOS 10.1.x or 10.2, except for the iPhone 7, you cannot update to iOS 10.2.1. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should stay on iOS 10.1.x as Yalu for iOS 10.2 will not work for these gadgets.

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To download the source code jailbreak Todesco on GitHub at this link.

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