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The Russians sued Google 50 000 rubles for reading his e-mail

A resident of Ekaterinburg Anton Burkov sued against Google of compensation for reading his personal emails. For violation of the right to privacy, the plaintiff demanded that the Internet giant 50 000.

The indignation of the plaintiff caused by the fact that robot American developers in automatically monitors his actions in the Network to select ads.

“Some time ago I noticed that my correspondence on the Internet I read, and it was none other than the robot of Google, said Anton Burkov. — Shortly after I wrote emails, pages Google appeared advertising with close to the subject of the writing goods and services”.

According to the plaintiff, in one of the private letters he referred to the European court of human rights in Strasbourg. After a while contextual advertising offered began enjoying different travel Agency, cheap flights to Strasbourg and the services of lawyers.

“My interest in Strasbourg Googlebot could learn only from my personal letters, — said Anton Burkov. — Of course, I understand that Google is a free search resource, but I was never asked permission and was not warned that I’m going to read”.

Burkov felt that thus violate his right to privacy, therefore, appealed to the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow with the civil suit. According to the Yekaterinburg had created a precedent, which helps to protect the Russian users of possible violations.

Now Google is obliged to pay the applicant compensation in the amount of 50 000 rubles — the same amount the lawyer Burkov appreciated his secret correspondence.

Interestingly, in addition to material compensation lawyer demanded to stop reading his mail even through automation. According to Burkova, Google violates international law, resorting to such methods of surveillance of the user.

This is not the first case when Russian courts consider complaints from residents on the policies of transnational corporations. Not so long ago in Savelovsky court of Moscow received the lawsuit capital of the lawyer Vsevolod Sazonov to Apple. The grievance of the plaintiff caused the smileys in the new operating system iOS 8.3, some of which contain LGBT symbols.

Moral damage caused to him and his son watching emoticons, Vsevolod Sazonov was estimated at 985 000 rubles — the amount it expects to collect from the company.

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