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The release of Windows 10 will not save the falling PC market

Experts in one voice say about the substantial reduction in the personal computer market. The release of the new operating system Windows 10, according to IDC, will not save the falling PC market. Global shipments of personal computers in 2015 will decrease by 6.2% compared to the 2014 year to 289 million units. At the same time, Mac sales continue to grow: sales of Apple computers in the first quarter of 2015 increased by 2%.

The PC market continued falling from 2012, according to Cnews. This year, the negative trend will continue despite the release of Windows 10, which the demand for PC support will not be able, analysts say.

The availability of free upgrades to Windows 10 will reduce the demand for new PCs in the consumer segment. In turn, corporate customers will take the time to learn the platform before proceeding to the implementation of the system, explained in IDC.

No need to upgrade PC also caused by the fact that the system requirements of Windows 10 are identical to the requirements for Windows 8.

The end of 2015, also will not bring to the market any good. Consumers will prefer not to spend money on new computers and mobile gadgets — smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, including smart watch Apple Watch, said IDC.

“Microsoft and the PC makers have yet to convince customers of the availability of the benefits in the new OS and the new PCs, which will take some time,” commented Lauren Lowerd, Vice President of IDC, a market research PC. On the world demand, particularly in the consumer segment, will also have a negative impact “strong” dollar and low commodity prices.

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According to the company estimates, in 2015 the global market will be supplied 167.2 million mobile and 121,8 million desktop PCs. The first is to 57.9% of the market in quantitative terms, the second — to 42.1%. On the emerging economies in 2015 will have 53,3% of all PC shipments, the rest of 46.7% in developed countries.

In IDC expects that in 2016 the global PC market “stabilizes”, after which it wait for a few years, a small growth. The average market growth in volume terms in the period from 2015 to 2019 will be 0.4% per year, experts say. Thus the supply of desktop PCs will decline by about 0.6% per year, and mobile PC — to grow 1.2% per year.

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