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Tim cook has donated 50,000 shares of Apple to charity

Apple CEO Tim cook donated to charity 50,000 shares in the company reports filed with the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC). Based on the current value of the shares of the Corporation at $130, with $6.5 million.

Cook a long time allocates money to charity in the future, according to the head of Apple, he plans “don’t just write checks, but to develop a systematic approach to this process.” In particular, the CEO is going to subsidize the fight against the spread of AIDS, the protection of human rights and reform of the immigration system in the United States. In favor of any organization made a donation to the CEO this time, is not known.

Fortune estimates the state Chapter of the American Corporation at $800 million. the Net asset value of cook, given his stake in Apple, is about $120 million After taking office in 2011, cook received 1 million restricted shares of Apple, which cost then estimated at $376 million, but now is more than $665 million.

On the revenue growth cook has affected the success of the launch of the new iPhone, released in September last year, after the presentation, which cost Apple more than $700 billion Two months later, the company’s shares on the NASDAQ rose to $119,75 per security.

In March, Apple CEO Tim cook said that she decided all of her money to donate to charity. But first he will pay for the education of his 10-year-old nephew.

At the end of last year, the CEO made a “generous donation” in favor of the human rights organization’s Project One America, defending the interests of the members of the LGBT community in three southern U.S. States.

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