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The number of mobile Chrome users exceeded 1 billion

Monthly index of number of active users of the Chrome browser for iOS and Android exceeded 1 billion this is stated in the official company blog.

According to Google, over the past five months the number of users of mobile Chrome has grown by 200 million. Reporters asked the company to give an exact number of users browser for the Apple platform, but the search giant said that is not yet ready to share such data. Although Google refuses to disclose data on the number of users for each OS separately, there is no doubt that the version of Chrome for Android.

In honor of the release of Chrome 50, the developers have revealed some statistics of browser. So, every month, users upload more than 770 billion pages, it is automatically transferred 3.5 billion web pages and over 9 billion times use form AutoFill and save passwords.

At the end of the first quarter of 2015 Chrome mobile audience was 400 million people. By November last year, the number of users of mobile browser Google has reached 800 million users.

Audience the desktop version of Google Chrome surpassed 1 billion in may 2015. How many computer users prefer Chrome, it is not known, but the figure has certainly grown.

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