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The new concept shows the future iPhone 8 c edge-to-edge screen and iOS 11 [video]

French designer under the name Ears4D published on YouTube a video which shows the concept of the new Apple smartphone with a very narrow frame of the display and an additional touch panel under the screen. The smartphone operates under the operating system iOS 11.

According to 60-second video, externally, the smartphone resembles iPhone 7, however it is equipped with AMOLED display and practically devoid of top and side part, so the speaker had to be abandoned in favor of the ultrasonic sensor.

Home button with fingerprint scanner Touch ID located on the usual place, but it is part of the multifunction touchpad, reminiscent of the Touch bar Bar the MacBook Pro and are intended for further manipulation of the operating system.

Among the unique capabilities of iOS 11 designer calls a multi-window mode, a “Back” command, implemented by a swipe gesture on a Touch panel Bar, new feature switching applications and technology AirDrop file sharing 2.0.

In January, the iPhone was 10 years old and, according to some estimates, this fall Apple will introduce the device that will get a lot of differences from the current generation iPhone, including a curved OLED display, built-in screen, a biometric scanner, glass rear panel, and support for wireless charging technology.

How close to reality was the concept from the iPhone 8 Ears4D, we learn this fall.

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