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Lit the Torch – make a fire

The platformer is a genre so old, dilapidated, worn and copied that to come up with something new in this Titanic difficult. When 25 years rotate this way and that, try to cram something in there that a quarter of a century did not think to squeeze you. However, it is not always necessary – sometimes it is enough to revive the half-forgotten mechanics, and you can go to the innovators. But occasionally in the genre are fresh mechanics, for example, has recently become very fashionable twist layered levels. What is it, and how it relates to the recently-released the game in our review.

To Lit the Torch you play as a fiery red-haired girl. Color of hair in ladies is not accidental: she works as a night Watch guard, and her duty is to light the torches. The motives are not specified, but they can think about: maybe it’s part of street lighting, and maybe (most likely, given the rest of the entourage) is an element of occult practices. Work seemingly cushy, but not here-that was: to reach out to some torches, you need to get through… in a parallel dimension, where everything is arranged quite differently. And you say – a trifling matter.

First of all, however, is very simple and easy – you jump on platforms, lit the lights, move from level to level, and don’t think about it. Then the matter is slightly more complicated: there are, in particular, levers, bandits and other attributes of life of the spotter. But still not scary – you play, in fact, in a classic offspring of the genre, where you need to be able only to jump but to go even the speed of movement not so high, and the physical puzzles in LIMBO, not delivered: have to think, but later.

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The problems begin with this parallel dimension – there is a completely different atmosphere. The small square covers the screen and within it is another universe. You wander through it, solving the problems in its measurement: sometimes you need to pull the lever and jump across the platform and hide from enemies on the other side of the space, they will not get. When the levels become large and layered “jump” between the two universes will always have – thus, you will keep in mind the plan is not one level but two. It definitely leaves a mark: so complex and interesting.

The shortcomings of the game too, but they are mostly of the visual kind. Not in itself Lit the Torch of cute: a bright gamma, the main character is funny, there is even fire effects. BUT the level design let us down – to put it mildly, it is monotonous. Character animation also: your girl can just, um, float through the air, and all sorts of villains awkwardly tossing and turning.

However, it almost does not leave traces on the game – the face of the water not to drink. This is a good, bright and original puzzle-platformer, which will definitely give you a challenge – so if you have been looking for interesting entertainment for a small break, you came to the right place. Lit the Torch will plug the hole in time for their services and will take absolutely ridiculous 26 rubles – less than a dollar even at the old rate.

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