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The most popular myths about the service centers on repair of Apple technology

The growing popularity of “Apple technology” has increased the demand for repair services for Apple gadgets and increased competition among service centers. In addition to the authorized services have entered the market various workshops and private masters, the quality of service which is in serious doubt. Neverthe less, hundreds, thousands of owners have their favorite smartphones and tablets, laptops and computers to the masters. The reason is well-established myths about the work of the service centers which was the reason of the distrust of consumers. But it is not only in prejudice – not every service center Apple in Moscow provides a high enough level.

Repair Apple – myths and reality

Probably, everyone faced with this situation: they believed the sign and gave the device a dubious masters. The result – poor quality of repairs, instability and other problems after treatment in workshop. And all this against the background of complete lack of any guarantees and the lack of the ability to prove the incompetence of the masters. To choose the right Apple, you need to know the truth about the unauthorized centers and private workshops.


Many believe that it makes no sense to pay big money for the repair of iPhones and other Apple equipment. Spare parts is the same everywhere, so you need to apply to the master, who takes cheaper. In fact, low price was never an indicator of good work. If the price tag of the workshop is below average, so it saves on parts, equipment or skills. Bottom line, poor quality repairs.

Remember that a presentable office in the city centre, attractive conditions and a beautiful website – that’s not a sign of qualification of workers and quality spare parts. The main indicators of professional equipment, approved suppliers and experienced staff. This is often overshadowed because the user does not see how the repair was performed and what tools are used for this purpose. Not to be mistaken with a choice, read reviews about the service on third-party resources, listen to the recommendations of friends and communicate with the masters – they are happy to share information. Before to go to service center Apple, contact the shop and verify the full cost of repairs. On the website you can specify only the cost of the work, and for diagnostics and spare parts will have to pay separately. Service center Total Apple diagnosis is free of charge, the prices for repair are specified in the final version.

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Spare parts

For quality repair you need only original spare parts. But it’s true:

  • First- original spare parts are delivered in small quantities and only in authorized centers.
  • Secondly, to replenish the supply of branded accessories, it is possible, examining the repair technique.
  • Thirdly, the vast majority of parts for “Apple technology” is produced in China, but that doesn’t mean they are of poor quality.

You need to understand that original parts are much more expensive than Chinese counterparts, and therefore the repair can not be cheap. Despite this, reasonable pricing – one of the main principles of service center Total Apple. As a rule, original parts are used for repair of display, housing and camera.

Remember that China also produces high quality parts. Power connectors, speakers, microphones, cords and cables from some Chinese manufacturers are no worse than the factory parts. But the original components is set only at authorized service centers. If the client is not willing to pay for originality, it offers a cheaper but no less quality options.


It is a prerequisite to high-quality repair. The idea that in the process of checking gadgets in the service centers “bred” for additional services is unacceptable. Only workshops that put too low a price for the repair, forced to compensate for their loss of other, not always honest ways. Including this.

Remember: during the diagnostics the wizard should explain the problem and justify the need for repairs, specify the approximate date and cost of the work. If the problem with the gadget is serious, better to contact an authorized service center, for example, in Moscow it is Total Apple.

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Theft of spare parts

Some users “Apple” technology fear that during the repair of their gadgets removed original parts, instead they installed a cheap Chinese counterparts. It really is practiced, but only in the workshops, which have no connections with suppliers and can not regularly purchasing the factory components. Self-respecting service center is not going to substitute is time-consuming and lead to loss of reputation.

Remember: at an authorised service centre before repair is required to inform about the present in the gadget aftermarket parts. Do I need to install them or not, the master will not say – it’s all about the breakdown which was at the time. Criticism of colleagues is also one of the signs of incompetence.


The faster is the higher qualification. In fact, a good specialist will never be in a hurry, because the repair of equipment of such level is not vanity. This work requires attention, concentration and precision. Time not only depends on the complexity of breakage, but also from the experience of the master.

Remember: all the experienced engineers of high qualification work in the authorized service centers, it is a question of prestige, of high and stable wages. If the workshop refuses to perform complex repair, then in the state a good master, no need parts or equipment. Some would refuse, but then turn to more experienced colleagues that takes a lot of time. Reliable Apple service in Moscow will announce the approximate time of repair – work will be over by then.

Parts to order

If in the workshop declare that the delivery of necessary parts will take three to four weeks, it is most likely not true. With the current development of economic relations of Russia and China parcels are delivered much faster. The only part that takes a long time to wait – is the motherboard. The Chinese do not produce the analogues, therefore, will have to wait until be able to obtain it from the factory, or agree to use donor parts.

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Remember: before you take your device in for repair, ask whether the master of the necessary details. And if not, how much time will be spent on ordering and delivery. Unscrupulous repairers can take a gadget, take it apart, and then a few months to fool the owner of the head.


It is believed that there is no sense to pay big money for accessories. You need to buy the subway cable for 400 rubles and enjoy his thrift, because it looks no different from the original. But the cheaper the cable, the less it will serve, the higher the likelihood that it will damage the gadget. Cheap Chinese knockoff of chargers and cords is one of the main reasons for the failure of “Apple” technique.

Remember: the person who found 1-2 thousand dollars to buy Apple should not save on accessories. This reduces the risk of damage and increases life. Chip power burnt due to poor charge – the reason for replacing the motherboard, but this procedure requires a lot of time and money.


Careful choice of the service center, refer only to the proven masters, read reviews and consider recommendations. The best choice for the residents and guests of Moscow will service center Total Apple performing high-quality repair “Apple” technique. It works for more than five years, during this time, customers have thousands of users. The center is staffed by skilled craftsmen, all kinds of services warranty up to 3 years, if necessary, free of charge, before the repair is carried out to diagnose, terms and rates can be set immediately. The service center provides warranty and post-warranty repair, configuration and firmware upgrade of the devices. In most cases, the repair takes no more than an hour, it is performed in the presence of the client, sometimes a day or two. On the website Total Apple available a detailed list of services, there is a quote, you can read reviews and leave your message.

Reliable service center Apple in Moscow, “Total Apple”

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